Lake Ocean:
- Can use max 2 fishing rods;
- One needle/ forfac;
- The bait on hair fiber;
- It is forbidden the "bomb" fishing;
- Fishnet with large oppeness and smooth net;
- Carp mattress;
- Wieghting bags;
- Antiseptic spray;
- The carp is immediately released after being pulled from the water, after beig photographed ang measured;
- Using only boilies, pelete, seeds and corn;
- The powder lure is forbidden from may to september;
- Live bait is forbidden;
- Also the fonic pollution of any kind;
- Keeping a clean enviroment is compulsory;
- Making barbecue and having a meal just in the special made space.

Can fish just using bobber and can detain 2 kg of crucian, the fee is 30 RON / 12 hours.
Not respecting the rules, gives the owner the right to take measures and prohibit acces to the holiday village !

Fishing at Valea Vinului

We tested the fishing at lake Junior. This is the way we want the fishing process to take place at the holiday village "Filip Family": catch and release system.


The fishing lakes are situated in Valea Vinului in Satu Mare county, 40 km from Baia Mare and 25 km from Satu Mare.

To reach Valea Vinului, follow the routes:
-from Baia Mare by :
Recea - Lapusel - Hideaga - Coltirea - Ardusat-Borlesti - Pomi - Rosiori - Valea Vinului.
-from Satu Mare by:
Paulesti - Culciu Mic - Culciu Mare - Caraseu - Valea Vinului.
From the Valea Vinului center, near the curch, by the police station, folowing the route to Marius village. There are signs towards the "Filip Family" holiday village.

The "Filip Family" village

is aimed for the catch and release fishermen.


1. Eleven fishing posts with umbrellas, benches, garbage baskets and ashtrays;
2. Parking spots inside the holiday village;
3. A special place for barbecue and eating;
4. Minibar-coffe, alcoholic drinks and soda;
5. Toilets.


Start at:

Ora: 6:00
Can fish even over the night.

For reservations please call us : Tel. 0744-57.11.56 or e-mail:

50 RON / 12 hours;
30 RON / 12 hours for < 14 years children.

Lake Junior As the name says, it is made for the junior fishermen. It has a surface of 1700 mp, 2,20 m deep.

Lake Ocean Although it's not very large, it has the name of Ocean, special fishing site for the carp fishermen. With a surface of 15000 mp and 2,60 m deep. Click here for some photos with lake Ocean.